Live Event - Los Angeles, CA

Winter/Spring 2023

9 AM – 5 PM PST

Price: $249 USD

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Calling All Fitness & Wellness Business Owners
in Los Angeles, California

#StandwithStudios Live Tour is coming to Los Angeles, California, in Winter/Spring 2023.   

This full-day event is your chance to connect with your community of fellow fitness & wellness studio owners and develop strategies with leading business experts to attract, convert, and retain clients for the long term. 

Event Highlights:   

  • All attendees are entered to win one of two $2,500 #StandwithStudios Grants.   
  • Enjoy a FREE networking lunch and refreshments throughout the event.   
  • Participate in interactive learning sessions and workshops. You’ll leave the day with actionable takeaways and strategies you can immediately implement.  
  • Meet industry trailblazers and uncover their secrets to success.  

Full event details and schedule will be released soon. Seats are limited.

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