The 5 Systems Every Gym Needs to WIN

Expert Business Coach Tim Lyons reveals the 5 key systems that need to be implemented in order to run and scale a successful fitness studio/gym.

1. Learn why lead generation is the last thing you need to do.
2. Learn how automation is the key to unlocking your ability to scale.
3. Discover how you are able to invest less time and increase your earnings with some simple tools

Course business expert: Tim Lyons, CEO of ProFit Marketing Solutions and Pulse Fitness Training Facility. 

Tim has spent the last 13 years as gym owner and operator in the fitness industry. Tim knows firsthand the challenges of gym ownership and understands the need for reliable, results-driven fitness business coaching solutions.  

As the Founder of ProFit Marketing Solutions, Tim has devised industry-specific business strategies and has helped more than 1200 fitness professionals learn how to successfully market their products and services, and progress into a lifestyle of profit and freedom. 

As the author of bestselling published book Built to Grow, The Gym Owners Guide to Success and Scalability, and the creator and host of weekly Podcast, Built to Grow, Tim continues to coach, educate and inspire other business owners how to successfully operate and scale a business.  



  • Mary

    December 10, 2022 at 8:07 pm

    This is so true! Got to know the math and marketing – helped us survive during Covid and Hurricane Ian!


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