How to Create Healthy Communication Channels

Setting up healthy communication channels is essential to a thriving organization. You’ll learn some general guidelines to make this happen.

Key takeaways:

  • Setting up and aligning on expectations creates consistency
  • Repetition can be a good thing
  • Slowing down helps us speed up
  • Consistent communication increases productivity and buy-in

Course business expert: Maura Vella, Business Advisor at Cultivate Advisors; owner & operator of a 7-figure, multi-location fitness studio.

With over a decade of personal experience owning and operating a 7-figure, multi-location business, and after managing a diverse team of 40+ employees, Maura knows what works. She is passionate about helping other entrepreneurs grow their business, whether it is attracting the right audience, scaling revenue, or creating the perfect system to maximize productivity.  
As a Cultivate Advisor, Maura wants to translate her track record into tangible advice. Her focus is on what works for YOUR business that leads to greater confidence and control. Serving as a supportive mentor, she helps clients increase revenue, train a team and carve out time to breathe. She loves to support business owners by offering them less stress and more success.  

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  • Chantia Thompson

    November 21, 2022 at 9:55 pm

    Thank you! More meetings are going on the schedule for the team.


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