Understanding Why Your Ideal Client Doesn’t Care About Them

It may be shocking to hear, but if you’re marketing how your workout is structured, what equipment is used, and/ or how many calories are burned, it’s the equivalent of a car commercial talking about how the engine works, rather than how the car is going to help improve your life- whether that’s easily transporting your family to and from soccer practice, or feeling like you’re flying your own private jet. What people care about the most is not WHAT you do, but how the experience of doing your workouts is going to make them feel about themselves. In order to do this, it requires that you connect the heart of why you opened your business into your marketing. Not sure how to do that? Well that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this workshop!

  1. Learn what is most important for your potential clients to hear in your marketing, and why.
  2. Establish the foundation of what your marketing strategy should be saying, based on the heart of your business.
  3. Walk away with an action plan on how to begin to implement it.

Course business experts: Shay & Barry Kostabi, Founders of Fitness Career Mastery, Business Consultants


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